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lulita-cat said: Hi I have a question for Chill diamond ¿what's your relationship with your pearl? you both look so cool with your sunglasses :) Answer: they get along swimmingly

NataliS_Princess cut ring

Classical ring with princess cut diamond. Found in TSR Category 'Sims 4 Female Rings'

New PokeMon on Twitter

HA! This is a scene in the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl adventures manga.

Schattenspiele - 5. Flucht nach vorn

Ich kann meinen Blick nicht lösen, selbst, als die nächste Szene ihn ablöst, verharre ich im Schock. Was ist das bitte für ein super- schräger Zufall? Und was soll es mir sagen? Sieh hin, was du getan hast. Glaubst du, du kommst damit davon? Nein, es wird dich verfolgen, solange du lebst. Dich jede Nacht quälen, wenn du die Augen schließt.

『 Pokémon Oneshots 』 - Poffin's ~ Diamond x Reader

My Oneshot Book of Pokémon Characters x Reader! Contains: (at the moment) -Alain (3x) -Ash Ketchum (2x) -Barry -Ben -Black/ Touya -Blue Oak -Brawly (2x) -Buck -Burgh -Calem -Cheren (2x) -Chili -Clemont -Colress (2x) -Cress -Curtis -Davy -Diamond -Drew -Eusine -Falkner (3x) -Flint -Gladion (3x) -Gol...

Mad Love Diamond Painting

Mad love diamond painting. It looks like this love has gone bad. A real beauty this 5d diamond painting kit comes with 25-40 colors. This one is the perfect addition to any home and is a great gift idea for family and friends. Most importantly this one is fun! Get two! Specifications: Full, square & round, with resin diamonds Does not come with frame